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We are truly honored to have such amazing members and coaches at FXF, Below is a write up from one of our long standing members and coaches who literally changed his life around through fitness and healthy habits!

Jonathan Steyn

"So, My wife, Carmen actually started at FXF first in October 2015, with 1 on 1 sessions with Leroy and then moved to the classes after about a month. In that time, she would tell me every day I must come with her, I must come try it out. Leroy almost killed her, and she would still tell me to come try it out, I flat out refused, but somehow, she eventually convinced me. I think I started with 1 personal training session with Leroy as well, ended in the bushes not feeling to great but I’ve been back every day since.

I think my fitness really turned around when Carmen did the Monique Fit Challenge end 2016 – she learnt a lot about whole healthy food, I lost 10kgs, started getting a lot fitter and stronger within my training. I did my 1st comp (LMS Nation Series) in 2016 and got a taste of competing, and I’ve tried to do a few every year, just to push myself. We Added yoga to my training, which helped a lot with mobility and flexibility, it was a lot harder than what I thought.

2017 was my biggest year of growth, after I lost the weight that’s when something clicked, I wanted to know more about the foods and how the body works, so I did 2 courses (Essentials of nutrition and Sports Nutrition) we just took everything and applied it day in and day out. 

After FXF moved to the bigger gym, I got involved in coaching and coached my first class at the end of Jan 2017. Being a coach also forced me to go training more than most days, as I had to give class (so no excuse) I just got fitter and stronger. I wanted to lead by example. We added Punch run by Kim Wessels once a week – that really helped with my fitness and was fun to get rid of some frustration. I also did a First Aid course with FXF. Carmen was always there to push me on days I had no energy and making sure I was eating properly.

In 2018 Carmen convinced me to take that leap and finally do my CrossFit Level 1. We then had a baby in June, which really challenged my training and lifestyle, but we try take it day by day. Rebecca comes with us to the gym every single day, but that’s not to say we both train every day.

I’ve done a few competitions so far in 2019 with a few more on the books, training with different people gives you a different aspect of training, you push yourself harder, because you don’t want to let your team down or be the weak link.

The rest is history, just trying to take everything I’ve learnt and apply it to my life, try do better than the day before.

If it wasn’t for my wife, Leroy, and the people at FXF I don’t think I would be where I am today.

Onward and upwards."